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Parent Testimonials

It’s hard to put into words the impact that Joe and the team from Strength Potenitial has had in our lives. How can you measure a child’s laugh? How do you explain the peace that you feel when you see your son smiling each afternoon? The team at Strength Potential have been amazing from the very first meeting and have continued to humble me with their dedication, support and sincerity of interest in my son. Being a special needs parent, you are cautious of anyone working with your child. Will they genuinely like them? Will they see what you see underneath the behaviour and communication barriers? I knew it the second that I saw Joe greet My son on the same level of excitement as he had been greeted with. I saw it the minute I heard genuine laughter from our support worker with my son. We didn’t just find him a support worker; we found him a friend. My son has someone who he looks forward to seeing. Someone that teaches him on a friendship level that I cannot as a parent. Someone who is in his corner everyday. Someone who cares, not because they have to, but because they chose this field. They DO see what you see! That’s the Strength Potential difference.

Nicole (Brisbane)


Krystal is a fantastic mentor. She is relatable and supportive and was able to give Emma a different perspective by telling of her own hardships and life experiences. Things often sound different coming from someone other than your parents and Krystal has a way of making Emma feel safe and confident to express her fears and verbalise what is happening in her life. Whether they were getting their nails done or indoor rock climbing, or just having a juice and a walk on the beach, Krystal made Emma feel good about herself and really helped Emma take a step in a different direction in her life which she really needed to do. Strength potential has undeniably given our 14 year old daughter the courage and support to choose a better direction in life and Krystal was the perfect match for Emma.

Kelly (Sunshine Coast)

My son has been spending weekly sessions for over a year now with Jesse. When Jesse started spending time with my son he was a very angry and emotional boy. He carried the world on his shoulders, he believed the world was against him and his confidence and self esteem were Rock bottom. Jesse was very patient and spend a lot of time using great and different ways for my son to release his anger in a healthy and positive way. They build a solid relationship and slowly korban opened up. The difference Jesse has made to my sons life is amazing. He he helping and guiding him to become the beautiful young man we knew was hidden deep inside. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Amber (Sunshine Coast)


Suncoast Christian College

The Strength Potential videos are engaging; the student booklet is well presented and contains purposeful activities, and the teacher booklet provides a helpful guide to the whole process. I would recommend the Strength Potential Senior Student Kit to any school wanting to enhance their secondary student’s education. You will be positioning your school at the forefront of the Positive Education movement, underlining your commitment to the well being of your senior students in a practical way appreciated by both them and their parents.


Garth Reid, Director of Student Development

Green Point Christian College

The students were firstly most impressed by the detail and accuracy that the Strengths Profile was able to provide. It was just the starting point to get the students involved that we needed. The students were further engaged by the student workbook where they were clearly guided through a range of independent and partner/group activities. We further used the Strength Potential program to engage parents and their child to consider future study and career options. This was done through training a team of volunteer teachers who were instructed in the program and how to coach parents and their child through a 30-minute prescribed meeting. Each volunteer teacher was assigned 8-10 students over a 3-night period during which these meetings were conducted.

Andrew McGillivray, PDHPE Co-ordinator


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