About Strength Potential

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How did Strength Potential begin?

Strength Potential was founded in 2016 as a charity to work in schools, helping students and staff to discover their strengths and reach their potential. We did this through a range of workshops for staff and the kit that we developed to help students as they navigated their senior years.

At the end of 2019, Strength Potential started a youth mentoring arm which has grown rapidly and continues to do so. This has also taken us in a new direction.

Strength Potential is now focused on helping young people who are facing challenges in their lives, so they can utilise their unique strengths and reach their potential.

To support our one-on-one mentoring program, Strength Potential now offers short-term respite accommodation, holiday activity programs and specialist counselling services. 

Recognising the increasing mental health problems faced by young people, Strength Potential has developed an interactive online mental health platform called MiiND. This platform is designed to provide information and advice on key mental health topics. We also run Mental Health First Aid workshops for adults to help them address these and other issues facing the young people in their care.

So…..the journey continues!


What is the mission of Strength Potential?

To help young people discover their strengths, so they can reach their potential and in turn, make a difference in the lives of others.

Strength Potential's Core Values

We are passionate about people and the services we provide. We genuinely care and want to see people succeed.

We value giving our best in everything we do, aiming to go the extra mile, especially for our clients.

We value being intentional in all we do, upholding our mission of helping individuals understand and use their strengths.

We value professionalism in all areas of the organization, being reliable, consistent, honest and available in our relationships with each other, our clients and the broader community.

We value improvement across all aspects of the organization and aim to uphold this by maintaining consistent communication with our clients and collecting regular feedback from our clients and staff.

We value safety across the board and aim to uphold this by maintaining a strict recruitment policy, training process and risk assessment process.

We value having compassion towards each other, our clients and the communities we serve.

Want to learn more about what we do?

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