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Developing your potential through strengths


Strength Potential Mentoring

One On One Strengths-Based Mentoring

Change your young person’s world through One On One Strengths Based Mentoring. The proven difference for people who do well in life (despite adversity) as opposed to others who become overwhelmed and uncertain is the presence of a significant mentor who equips them to thrive. Strength Potential One On One Mentoring seeks to bring out the best in your young person by focusing on their Strengths. Each Strength Potential Mentor has been carefully screened, trained in Strengths mentoring, has a blue card and/or disability worker screening and has been through child safety and disability training. We have a large capacity and can work with a range of NDIS clients. Currently available in Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Logan, Redlands City, Northern Gold Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba.

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Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Short Term Accommodation Suited to Your Needs

Strength Potential Short Term Respite Accommodation is a service available to NDIS participants as part of their NDIS plans.The duration of the stay is flexible, typically ranging from 2 to 14 nights. It may occur at any of the numerous accommodation sites located on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and beyond. The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. During the stay a Strength Potential Mentor/Support Worker will provide 24 hour 1 on 1 care and support for your child or young adult. Depending on your young person’s needs and goals a range of activities can be undertaken from learning independence and life skills such as cooking, food shopping and budgeting to more advanced tutoring for school or assistance with getting ‘job ready’ if desired. However many young people, like their parent/guardian, just need a break from the stress of life and want time to wind down and rest. Strength Potential STA can cater to all these differing requirements, and will work with you to ensure the stay is catered to suit your needs.

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Get Unstuck with Counselling

Each of our mobile counsellors is committed to encouraging, empowering and instilling confidence in your young person. We focus on equipping NDIS participants, aged 10 to 25, with valuable tools to navigate and overcome challenges they may face. Our specialisation lies in providing support for various issues such as autism, anxiety, depression, and relational challenges, as well as addressing concerns related to identity and self-esteem. 

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