There is an “I” in Team

Personal Strengths – Powerful Team

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Apply the individual strengths of each team member and develop an even more powerful team moving forward.

Step 1 Individual StrengthsFinder©

Team members complete the online StrengthsFinder© assessment and gain immediate access to their personalized Strengths Reports.

Step 2 Individual Coaching

A 45-minute phone or face-to-face coaching session with a Strength Potential coach enables team members to understand their strengths and begin to explore ways in which they can best contribute to the team.

Step 3 On-site One Day Workshop

Working as a Team (90 minutes) What makes a successful staff team? How can each team member make their unique contribution? Background to Strengths (30 minutes) Consider Biblical truth (where appropriate to the school context), gain insights from Positive Psychology, and a greater understanding of the StrengthsFinder© personality assessment instrument. Building a Strengths Based Team (1 hour) Using their StrengthsFinder© report, team members: o Share their unique Strengths mix o Reflect on the unique contribution each member brings to the team The Team in Action (90 minutes) o Determine a pathway forward to capitalise on the Strengths process.

Step 4 Ongoing Support

o Team leader/s enjoy 3 phone or face-to-face coaching sessions designed to facilitate the ongoing team development process o To maximize ongoing understanding and application, Strength Potential will send two follow up Strengths Reports on each member for team leaders to use