Senior Student Kit

Step One:

Students Complete StrengthsQuest© an online assessment from the Gallup Corporation

Receive a customized report detailing their top five areas of strength and access to a wealth of further information

Step Two:

Strength Potential Classroom Program:

  • The Teacher Booklet is a guide to the videos & student booklet activities

  • It has suggestions for other classroom activities

Image 102.png
  • The Video Series has an introduction to the StrengthsFinder assessment

  • Ten Videos introduce each section of the Student Booklet

Image 103.png
  • The Student Booklet has ten sections, each linked to an activity and one of the videos

Image 104.png


•An individual instruction sheet and access code for the StrengthsQuest© online assessment for you to take the journey ahead of your students;

•A video introducing students to the Strength Potential process;

Ten video segments introducing each of the ten activities contained in the Student Booklet;

A Student Booklet;

A Teacher Booklet explaining each Student Booklet activity and containing a further eight practical extension activities.

The Strength Potential Program implemented at your school properly by either phone, in person or video chat catch-ups to ensure you stay on track

COST - $590