What do our clients think about us?

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Suncoast Christian College

The Strength Potential videos are engaging; the student booklet is well presented and contains purposeful activities, and the teacher booklet provides a helpful guide to the whole process. I would recommend the Strength Potential Senior Student Kit to any school wanting to enhance their secondary student’s education.  You will be positioning your school at the forefront of the Positive Education movement, underlining your commitment to the well being of your senior students in a practical way appreciated by both them and their parents.

Garth Reid, Director of Student Development


Green Point Christian College

The students were firstly most impressed by the detail and accuracy that the Strengths Profile was able to provide.  It was just the starting point to get the students involved that we needed.  The students were further engaged by the student workbook where they were clearly guided through a range of independent and partner/group activities.  We further used the Strength Potential program to engage parents and their child to consider future study and career options.  This was done through training a team of volunteer teachers who were instructed in the program and how to coach parents and their child through a 30-minute prescribed meeting.  Each volunteer teacher was assigned 8-10 students over a 3-night period during which these meetings were conducted.

Andrew McGillivray, PDHPE Co-ordinator