Senior Student Kit

Reach Your Potential And Make A Difference

Designed to help your students understand their unique strengths and establish a strong foundation for conversations around their future.  Students complete StrengthsFinder©, an online Strengths assessment.  The detailed reports they receive explain their unique strengths mix and provide the basis of the Strength Potential Senior Student Kit activities.  The Kit consists of 10 professionally produced videos that are designed to engage your students and introduce the 10 related activities contained in the student booklets.  As part of the package you will receive a teacher booklet that provides a helpful guide to the whole process. You will also receive an access code, enabling you to complete the online assessment and begin the journey ahead of your students.



Take Your School, Workplace or Team To A Whole New Level

Enhance your work together as a team by discovering the unique combination of in-built strengths each team member brings to the group.  Understand what drives each one, developing their sense of self and strengthening their contribution to the team.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Family Pack

A Gift That Empowers

Help someone discover and develop their greatest natural talents to progress to levels of personal excellence, applying their Strengths in leadership, service, and relationship building of all types

The Strength Potential Family Pack consists of a stylish gift card and envelope, access to a comprehensive online personality assessment, unique individual Strengths reports complete with action items and a one on one coaching session