Building a Positive Classroom

 Suitable for Teachers, Guidance & Support Staff, Executive Staff

 For further information phone Ross Carlyon on 0410 359 774

This Half Day Strength Potential Professional Development Workshop provides a dynamic way to incorporate the best of positive psychology and the strengths movement into each classroom.

 Increased ability to pay attention; a better working memory; language fluency; increased openness to information.

These are some of the results of a positive classroom environment.

The starting point to building this environment is a faith foundation, which is where this workshop begins. This section has been specifically designed for Christian schools and explores a Biblical foundation. This can be modified to a more general Values Base as appropriate.

Then we add some insights from the blossoming field of positive psychology, particularly in the areas of happiness and also of gratitude.

Finally, we consider some specific teaching toolbox strategies that can be implemented immediately.


Ross Carlyon BA, Dip Ed, MEd Studies, Dip School Admin

Ross has been involved for over 40 years in schooling, having worked in government and non-government sectors in Australia and overseas, both as a teacher and as an administrator.  He is currently President of Strength Potential Incorporated, a non-profit organisation dedicated to enabling individuals and teams to develop their potential by focusing on their unique strengths.