Senior Student Kit - How It Works:

Student Kit Package Image.png

Step One

Gallup & Strengths Quest -

Your Students will:

• Complete StrengthsQuest© an online assessment from the Gallup Corporation (takes them about an hour.) From the assessment they will…

• Receive a customized report detailing their top five areas of strength and access to a wealth of further information

Step Three:

The Senior Student Kit -

We make things EASY for you and bundle both of the steps:

Your school will receive:

•An individual instruction sheet and access code for the StrengthsQuest© online assessment for you to take the journey ahead of your students;

•A video introducing students to the Strength Potential process;

•Ten video segments introducing each of the ten activities contained in the Student Booklet;

•A Student Booklet;

•A Teacher Booklet explaining each Student Booklet activity and containing a further eight practical extension activities.

• Assistance with ensuring the program is implemented correctly and set up for further use in the years to come

Step Two

Strength Potential Program -

With the customized report from the Gallup Corporation using your Teachers Booklet you will be able to easily guide your students through a 10 part video series with an accompanying activity for each video in the Student Booklet.

We help you with the implementation of the program at your school so that it can assist future classes to come through

Step Four: