Ross Carlyon

I’ve been involved with schooling now for over 40 years. During that time I have been passionate about helping senior secondary students and staff thrive and achieve excellence in what they do.

It’s only been in recent years though that I’ve really come to understand clearly that in order to do this, they need to know themselves and their strengths. Working in our areas of strength boosts our mood and resilience, increases our sense of well-being and makes us more open to new learning. Exactly what we all want.

I helped to create the Strength Potential Senior Student Kit and other products to enable all of our clients to identify and develop their strengths. 


Kylie McGillivray

Kylie McGillivray is a transformational coach who believes that life is all about relationships and playing to your strengths.

Kylie specialises in working with organisations, women, parents and students. During Kylie’s time in coaching, she has developed and run programs to assist clients to move from being stuck to unstuck, living a life transformed, reaching their goals and healing their relationships.

 Kylie is passionate about growth and works with people who are committed and ready to fight for their goals and play to their strengths.