SET Planning and Strengths at Suncoast Christian College, Queensland

Every school in Queensland has to develop a Senior Education and Training (SET) plan for every Year 10 student. This is intended to be a ‘road map’ charting a way forward into the years of Senior Schooling and beyond.

Incorporating a strengths approach into our SET Planning process at Suncoast has made the whole process more dynamic and meaningful than ever before. Students start with an awareness of their unique strengths and this understanding provides a strong foundation for conversations around their future. It has made a remarkable difference.

Implementing the Strength Potential program has enabled:

  • The whole process of subject selection to have a positive focus
  • Students and parents to have more confidence in making subject choices
  • Subsequent subject change requests to be minimised
  • Student retention into Year 11 to be enhanced
  • Discussion around academic achievement to be improved
  • Robust career focused conversations with parents to be more readily established

I recommend the Strength Potential Senior Student Kit to any school wanting to enhance their SET Planning process. You will be positioning your school at the forefront of the Positive Education movement, underlining your commitment to the wellbeing of your senior students in a practical way appreciated by both them and their parents.

Garth Reid, Director of Student Development, Suncoast Christian College