Your Strengths are the set of characteristics that are particular to yourself and your personality, giving you areas of your life that only you can excel in.

Strengths are the common component for high achievers — whether they are star athletes, master teachers, award-winning scientists, innovative artists, or every day achievers. People who use their strengths focus on mastering what they do well, and they practise it until they make the amazing look easy.

Our programs will help you and others around you discover and develop your unique Strengths.

Strength Potential is an incorporated association registered in Queensland.

Our members are committed to helping people develop their potential through discovering and exercising their strengths.

Why?  So that they in turn may make a difference in the lives of others.

Meet the founders below



I’ve been involved with schooling now for over 40 years. During that time I have been passionate about helping senior secondary students and staff thrive and achieve excellence in what they do.

It’s only been in recent years though that I’ve really come to understand clearly that in order to do this, they need to know themselves and their strengths. Working in our areas of strength boosts our mood and resilience, increases our sense of well-being and makes us more open to new learning. Exactly what we all want.

I helped to create the Strength Potential Senior Student Kit and other products to enable all of our clients to identify and develop their strengths. 



No one tapped into, or even thought about my strengths during my years of schooling. 

In my 40s I returned to learning and training in my areas of strength. The years of accomplishment and fulfilment that followed only made sense though, after I did the StrengthsFinder© assessment. I was finally able to look back to see why I operate as I do and why I achieve as I do. 

This understanding has been liberating.  I am able to accept and appreciate who I am and I can appreciate other people for their unique strengths.  My sincere wish is for others, especially senior students in these critical years of their lives, to gain this awareness also.